Listen Up, Athletes!

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Not Wearing a Mouth Guard Can Land You In Deep Trouble, Here’s Why

Paul is an adept football player on his school’s Sr. football team. Last week, he was part of an aggressive game that unfortunately involved him taking a hard blow to the face. Luckily, Paul was wearing a sport guard that protected his jaw and teeth from the forceful impact of his accident. If Paul wasn’t wearing this important appliance, he could have severely injured his jaw, or lost a tooth or two… (or more)! Paul’s team coincidentally won the game that day. The moral of the story? Play like Paul: wear a mouth guard while you sport!

Protect Your Team, Protect Your Teeth

As invincible as you may feel at times, the fact is still remains: no one is ever completely safe from an accident. According to studies, athletes are as much as 60 times more likely to experience teeth damage if they aren’t wearing a protective mouth guard! Luckily, wearing a mouth guard will significantly lower the risk of harming your teeth, lips, tongue and jaw while you’re engaged in a sport. We can all agree that prevention outweighs all of the possible consequences in the long run.

Making the Right Decision

Many people choose a stock mouth guard over a custom-fitted appliance from the dentist. Stock guards, however, can’t offer the precise fit that a custom-made mouth guard can. A specially-fitted appliance from the dentist will provide an athlete the best fit and protection against injury.

In some cases, a stock or mouth guard can restrict the wearer’s breathing or speech, or simply feel uncomfortable in the mouth. This is usually due to the appliance not fitting properly. Arrange a meeting with your dentist if your mouth guard isn’t allowing you to function at your best, and he or she will be able to resolve this for you.

Taking Care

In order to preserve your mouth guard the best you can, be sure to rinse it under cool water or mouth rinse before and after each use. In addition, remember to occasionally give it a more thorough clean with cool soapy water. Never leave the appliance under the sun or in hot water.

Always Play It Safe!

When you wear a sport guard, you’re protecting yourself and your mouth from the potentially harmful and damaging effects of an unexpected accident. Dairy Lane Dental is the Huntsville Dentist that has you covered for all of your mouth guard needs! We’re always encouraging our athlete patients to play smart with one of sport’s most important pieces of equipment – a sport guard. Are you or someone close in need of a mouth or sport guard? Contact Dairy Lane Dental today to schedule a consultation!