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Root Canal Therapy: The Basics

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Not As Scary As You May Think

If you’re a stranger to this common dental treatment, then listen up!

Root canal treatment is designed to treat and “save” a deceased or infected tooth root. Without the procedure, the infected/dead tooth would need to be extracted.

Many patients assume the procedure to be frightening, but in actual fact, root canal treatments are generally quick and painless. In addition to this, root canal therapy has an exceptionally high success rate, with the outcome often lasting a lifetime. Would you rather have your infected tooth pulled, or “save” it with a root canal procedure? We definitely choose the latter (as do many patients)!

During the Procedure

During a routine root canal procedure, the patient first receives a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. Next, an opening is made in the tooth to gain entry to the tooth’s root. The infected pulp is cleaned out of the root canals and then filled with special materials. Finally, the tooth is capped off with a natural-looking artificial crown to ensure the tooth’s strength, preventing any future damage. It’s quite simple!

After the Procedure

Most root canal treatments are a success and the patient is very satisfied. It isn’t unusual for some discomfort to occur due to inflammation, but this shouldn’t go on for any longer than a few days. Any pain following the procedure can be reduced with over the counter pain medication, or with antibiotics if the dentist or endodontist recommends.

How Will I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

Warning signs that may indicate your tooth is infected or damaged and requires endodontic care include spontaneous and lingering pain, pain that worsens with movement or a change in position, a fistula (pimple-resembling spot on the gums), discolouration on the tooth, or a deep crack or fracture in the tooth.

Think your tooth may be infected? Don’t wait any longer! Contact your dentist in Huntsville, Ontario today to schedule an appointment.