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Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation in Dentistry

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Which Type of Sedation Is Best for Me?

When it comes to complex (and not so complex!) dental procedures, patients can often take advantage of sedation dentistry to help them relax in the chair. Two common and very safe forms of sedation preferred by children and adult patients alike are oral sedation and nitrous oxide (otherwise known as “laughing gas”). Both of these sedation types offer a minimal level of sedation, helping the patient to experience a peaceful and relaxing visit.

About Nitrous Oxide

Unlike general or intravenous anesthesia, nitrous oxide is provided along with oxygen through a mask placed over the patient’s nose. The dentist can easily control the level of sedation a patient experiences with the gas, and the effects of the gas tend to wear off rather quickly. It is a lighter form of sedation as the patient still remains fully conscious during their procedure… with a high possibility of giggles and “happy”” feelings!

About Oral Sedation

Minimal oral sedation is typically taken in the form of a pill, allowing the patient to feel deeply relaxed and to ease their anxiety. The patient will often feel drowsy as well, and may even fall asleep. Usually, the pill provided is Halcion, and should be taken roughly an hour before the patient’s treatment. Contrary to general sedation, patients receiving oral sedation will still be conscious during their visit.

How Should I be Sedated?

Most patients in good health are candidates for sedation dentistry. Talking to your dentist about your medical history, level of dental anxiety or anything else you think he or she should know will help you to determine the most suitable form of sedation for your treatment. Most dentists are trained and licensed to administer nitrous oxide or oral sedation to patients.

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