Why We Love Laser Dentistry

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The Diode Laser Provides Gentle, Accurate Care

Laser Dentistry has been in practice since 1990. Dental lasers also help patients to feel more at ease, as the treatment is minimally invasive. Dentists use what’s called a diode laser, or soft tissue laser to treat a number of dental conditions both safely and effectively. For example, the diode laser can be used to treat gum disease, contour the gums, remove overgrown tissues, sterilize root canals, minimize discomfort caused by oral lesions, and can even be used to whiten teeth (and more)!

How Does It Work?

Diode lasers emit powerful narrow beams of light energy, capable of making precise cuts in the gum and soft tissues. Because of the precision of these incisions, there is a reduced amount of bleeding and risk of infection, as well as reduced recovery time for the patient. It’s fantastic!

We Treat Gum Disease with the Dental Laser

Our hygienist uses the soft tissue laser in conjunction with regular scaling to enhance the treatment and provide a more comfortable and gentle experience for the patient. The use of a diode laser will help to gently and effectively break up deposits of plaque and tartar that have accumulated below the gum line. Our hygienist can also treat oral lesions like cold sores using the dental laser.

A Friendlier Option

Patients with dental phobia or who experience great anxiety at the dentist’s can also benefit greatly from the dental laser. Dental lasers can reduce the amount of pain a patient may potentially feel, and many lasers do not vibrate or make much noise – so patients who are particularly not fond of the dental drill can feel more at ease. In addition to this, in many cases where dental lasers are used, local anesthetic is not required. This is great news for patients with a fear of the needle!

Like what you’ve learned about the trusty dental laser? Ask our Huntsville dentist today if laser dentistry is right for you.